My start line was San José. I grew up in the quaint neighborhood of Willow Glen. Way back in the day it was playfully called Goosetown because of the large Italian population that kept geese in their backyards. Now Goosetown is just a great (and I mean GREAT) San José dive bar that is likely hanging by a thread through pandemic policies.

If there was ever a time to Run Local this is it. We need to step up. Every local retail business has been hit hard by the pandemic. But it’s not just for the sake of businesses. This is not charity. This is about history. Uncovering hidden gems and sharing secrets to the delight of your book club. You become the tastemaker.

This issue is all about armchair exploration leading to eventual action. While the pandemic kept us at home, now is the time to scheme our coming out parties. When everything is safe use this guide to learn and find more. Nooks and crannies and antique widgets. Discover artisans and uncover histories not found at the top of the Yelp reviews. Look deeper.

Isn’t this zine supposed to be about running? Sure it is. Now go run to the Berryessa Flea Market and visit thousands of vendors making deals. Run to the dozens of local restaurants featured in our neighborhood FUEL section. Run to local shops including San José Made, Craft Tile or Arakawa Pottery. Run Local and find a NEW WAY to San José.