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Global Running Day – Running Every Single Street

Runner’s from around the world today celebrate Global Running Day! In today’s Run Local Wednesday we’re inviting you to explore your neighborhood in a way you may never have done so, challenge you to a summer’s long journey of fitness and provide tips on form & pace in California Elite Fitness’ workout of the week.

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Run Local Pod Episode 26: Rickey Gates – Conceptual Runner

JT chats with professional runner & conceptual artist, Rickey Gates. Rickey has run across America, run every street in San Francisco, made documentaries, written books, and brings a unique philosophy and perspective to running. As a Salomon sponsored athlete, Rickey’s job is to run far and create awesome stuff. Tune in to hear all about it.

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A Short History of Santa Barbara’s Earth Day

Run Local’s newest event, the Santa Barbara Half Marathon, is set in a world-renowned location known for its laid-back California coastal vibe and designation as America’s Riviera. However, less known is the pivotal role it played in the environmental movement, especially the founding of Earth Day in 1970. Thanks to the Community Environmental Council, we’ve reprinted some of this history below.

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