Founded in 2011, San José Made has been helping creative small businesses grow their brand in San José and the surrounding Bay Area. Today, the online site features over 2,000 products made by San José, Bay Area and California based artists, makers and designers.



Founded in 1926, Handcraft Tile is the oldest tile manufacturer in California and one of only a handful of tile manufacturers in the United States that pre-date World War II. Handcraft Tile began as San José Tile, with a factory on South 18th Street near Coyote Creek. Around 1931, the company moved to a location in Milpitas and the name was changed to Handcraft Tile. The company operated out of the Milpitas Main Street location for over 73 years. Today, Handcraft Tile is still making by hand tile and you’ll find their small manufacturing facility and showroom in Livermore.


All pottery pieces from Arakawa are handmade by Thomas and Kathy Arakawa. Unlike the dozens of big tech companies that surrounds their studio, Arakawa is made up of a four person team. Check out the Arakawa blog for an in depth look at how each piece of pottery is made in their studio.