The Internet Arcade is a web-based library of arcade (coin-operated) video games from the 1970s through the 1990s. An astounding 900 games have made avilable for you to play right in your browser. The software is hostef by the Internet Archive as part of its quest to preserve computer history. There are no glossy instructions, so you wil need to figure some things out on your own. The basics are simple though: press “5” to insert coin, and press “1” to choose a single player game. Your arrow keys will move you around and the ALT key is typically the action button. /details/internetarcade


Primitive Technology is a hypnotic, wordless series of videos filmed by a man in the woods in Australia making things. From a fired pot to a tiled hut, all made by hand with no modern toold. Pro tip: descriptions of the process are in the subtitles, but be warned, you’ll lose the zen factor of it all.


Celebrated children’s book author and illustrator Mo Willems has been hosting a series of “Lunch Doodle” sessions on the Kennedy Center’s YouTube channel. The author of dozens of beloved children’s books is making art accessible to kids and bid kids at home who are in need of a little mental stimulation.


Celebrated British children’s book author and illustrator Rob Biddulph has been hosting a series of “Draw with Rob” videos on his website. The author of dozens of children’s books instructs his viewers on how to draw characters from his books.