By Aaron Jacobsen

It’s been a while since you’ve been able to hit a finish line, smile for the photographers, grab that medal, and collect the little packages of salty and sweet snacks. Much longer than any of us thought last March.

For those of us working in the running industry, one of the things that happens is you stop racing nearly as much as you used to. It isn’t really the finish line I miss – it’s the start. Every race is a goal. A perfect goal setting package of date, distance and time. I love goals even more than I hate New Year’s resolutions.

It’s easy to think back on big races and remember the finish line feeling but it’s the start line nerves that get us going when the alarm goes off on a rainy dark winter morning. February is one month into the year and one race into the San José Series. Thankfully New Year’s resolution season is over but goal setting season is year round.

Whatever your finish line is. Wherever your finish line is. Set a goal. Make a plan. And start.