Why It’s Time to Run the Bay

Three races. One Bay Area. One Team Run the Bay. Even if I didn’t write that personally, I’d probably still think that’s not a half bad line. But it’s more than just a cool sounding catch phrase to us at Represent Running. It tells you one small piece of our story and where we’re going. […]

Staying Hella Motivated

Mona Liza “MO” Reyes Paranada is a San Jose native and the owner and founder of GO TEAM MO. She is a full-time personal trainer and runs several types of boot camps: for brides-to-be, new mommies wanting to get back into shape and for all other fitness levels, for both men & women. Mo is also holds the 2006 title of Miss Figure California with the NPC (National Physique Committee) Since retiring in 2008, her focus in getting her community excited about becoming “Mo’Better, Mo’Healthier and having Mo’Love” for themselves by staying active not just for an event, but for life.

Cukui & SJ 408k Collaboration

Happy NFC Championship Week 49er Fans! We are excited to celebrate the big victory with a BIG announcement regarding a new 408k collaboration. It even has a little San Francisco 49er tie-in, but first…some back story. When I was in high school one of my best childhood friends, Blake Dadson, (<- click to see some amazing […]

Beyond the Resolution and Towards a Revolution

JT’s Pre-Article Note: This is about to get weird. I have to get something off my chest and thus as usual I will impulsively insert some recent clarity of principles through out my entire business. Also note I am no expert on the following, but I am fired up. Plus, I have consistently used the word “we” in the following post because it makes it sound like “we” had a big meeting or a focus group or something organized on the subject. In truth I consider my internal team, all of our runners, and each of our partners as an integral part of this new mission; thus, the heavy use of the royal “we.” Lastly, I need to thank Barbara Kingsolver for all of her books, but especially for writing Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. Her name should be changed to QueenInspirer. Find her books and read them. You don’t know me Barbie, but here goes nothing.