Staying Hella Motivated

If you’re from the Bay Area then you already know what the word “hella” means. But if you’re not from the Bay, then here’s the official definition. 


adverb: hella
1. extremely (used for emphasis).

Example: “I was hella excited”

Whether this is your first race or one of many, I want to give you kudos for choosing to be out there, running/walking, getting involved and most importantly, keeping yourself accountable by registering for this race. Many people start off the New Year with goals of losing weight, becoming healthier and getting active. But staying MOtivated not just throughout the year, but for life is a completely different story. 

When you cross that finish line, after you get that medal and give a round of high fives, there should already be another goal waiting for you. For some, it’s simply crossing an event off the bucket list, it’s their “one and done.” But in order continue the MOmentum, you have to incorporate physical activity into your daily/weekly routines. It doesn’t matter how fast or strong you are, you just get out there and do it!

The beauty about the “Run the Bay” series is that in order to earn that mutha of a medal, you have to complete all 3 races (408k, 510k and 415k) so it will give you another goal to complete.  Whether you are inspired to run simply to collect the bling or you aspire to beat your last finish time and PR.  

Having the right gear and especially shoes for running will make ALL the difference between a great or a not-so-great run. If you’ve never been fitted for the right running shoe based on your foot type, this is the first step you need to take before running on a regular basis. Go to a reputable specialty running store that will take the time to analyze your running stride and hook you up with a shoe that will make for a more comfortable and enjoyable ride. 

Another way of staying hella MOtivated, is to get your family, friends or co-workers to join you in training for an upcoming race. Being the leader of a group means they will look up to you to help guide them as they work towards their first race. For a newbie, it’s not about time it should simply be about completion. If you have already ran a race, you might remember the weeks of training, the anxiety the night before and then finally crossing that finish line. Now imagine what someone you’ve taken under your wing will be feeling? Even better, imagine being right by their side as they cross that finish line for their first time. 

I personally, have had the pleasure and honor to cross that finish line for many first timers be it a 5 or 10k, a half marathon and most recently a full marathon. It can definitely fuel your fire, knowing that you can be a source of positivity and inspire others in their fitness journeys. And to be quite honest, I’ve been crossing finish line with first-timers for over 6 years and it never gets old. It actually reignites those emotional feelings of joy, pride and sense of accomplishment and it’s always a rewarding and inspirational experience. 

Best of luck to all the runners at the upcoming 408k race. Like I tell all of my clients before a race: pace yourself, complete it injury-free and most importantly, FINISH STRONG. I look forward to seeing all of you at the finish line.

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