Run Local Side Hustle Pod

We all have a side hustle, whether it’s working late at night on that book you’ve always wanted to write, maybe it’s the next Silicon Valley unicorn, volunteering on the weekends or for many these days, full-time parenting. In the events world, the side hustle is the job itself, crossing sports and industries.

For our operations staff at Run Local, they may be working a running event one weekend, but they may also find themselves in the middle of a motorcross arena event, a sailing event in the San Francisco Bay or a corporate conference. 

Welcome to Run Local’s Side Hustle hosted by the esteemed Voice of the X Games and Nitro Circus World Games, Jimmy Coleman. Join Jimmy on a dive into the murky underground and characters of general event life. 

The Side Hustle Pod is a production of Soul Focus Sports and will be available within the Run Local Pod stream opening up our audience to not only the inspirational stories of runners in our community, but also of those who put on events – working at 2am for an 8am start and late into the afternoon clearing barriers from our city’s roads.