9/11 Freedom 5K

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About the 9/11 Freedom 5K

The Run Nine/Eleven Freedom 5k continues a tradition started by American military bases around the world that run/walk a 5k on the anniversary of 9/11. The Freedom 5k encourages participants from across the country including military, first responders, civilians and their families to run or walk 5k at anytime during the month of September. This is a virtual run so you can participate solo, invite a friend, or host a group run on the day and time of your choice with 100% of the proceeds benefiting Operation: Care and Comfort. Whatever you do, finish what you start.

How it Works

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    Run Local

    You have the freedom to run our events anywhere at any time. Hit the roads, trails or even the treadmill.

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    Enjoy Race Schwag

    You earned it and we’re awarding the biggest and best medals in the industry.

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    Unlock Badges

    Build your online trophy showcase with digital badges. Show off finisher medals and personal achievements.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Run Local Event?
A Run Local Event allows you to complete a virtual event anywhere and any time. Some events will be held on specific days or over time, but you participate anywhere.
When do I get my finisher’s medal?
Medals will be mailed on the 1st of the month. If you register after then, we'll mail your medal out the next business day via USPS. Sign up early to have your medal in hand for your run.
Do I run the distance all at once?
Yes. You must run the enitre distance all at once then enter your finish time for that registered race.
Should I track my finish time?
Yes. Use whichever app, watch or method you prefer and enter your finish time for your registered race.