Welcome to the New RepresentRunning.com

Defining Inertia.

  1. noun
  1. The tendency of a body at rest to remain at rest or of a body in straight-line motion to stay in motion unless acted upon by an outside force.

The principle of inertia in the sport of running is foundational. Once moving, running, sprinting, jogging, or even walking it is easier to maintain that inertia by continuing forward. Stopping, slowing down, or allowing others to interrupt your progress makes starting to run again difficult. We have always preached, “Don’t stop.” Always, always…like 10 years always. We don’t stop.

So when our new marketing coordinator suggested we start a more content based running site that would focus on stories, intriguing individuals, actually useful health and wellness tips, results from around the globe, and loosely connected tributaries of knowledge we could introduce to the sport, it sounded like a ton of extra work, and a pain in the ass to keep relevant. So of course I immediately agreed. We won’t rest until the running industry is sufficiently interesting.

So the new www.representrunning.com is not only an expanded direction, but a result of inertia. Our bread and butter is still event production and sports marketing. We own, produce, and love our Represent Running Series — area code themed events that call upon local runners to represent their town, a local charity, and to get out to do something. We have over 15,000 runners expected in 2015, and I hope we never lose focus on our events. The onsite experiences allow us to see the power of running first hand. For us it’s the joy of the finish line, the diversity of a community moving together, and the satisfaction of creativity in the streets. We believe we can bring that same style and passion to the entire running industry through this new digital platform.

Some highlights include access to unexpected interviews, a return of our podcast team (well, a 2/3 return as Josh Muxen and I will be bringing episodes of Run Local Radio back to life), and the release of an email newsletter that will put all the running info you need on your digital doorstep.

Represent Running started with living, and running local. We started in our communities, but we’ve realized interesting stories and opportunities abound around the world. Everyone deserves representation in this sport and we intend to support runners — fast or slow, elite or novice, young or old, trail or track. We’ll help tell the stories, and hope to share a few miles near you.