Today’s Top Three Stories

I like reading. I like running. And I like reading about running. But it’s hard to find all the good stuff out there so is here to help with a quick sampling of some of the best stuff I’ve been reading.

1. This will come as a shock to no one, but running hurts. Fit or unfit, there’s a lot of discomfort. Once you get into it there’s usually more enjoyment, and less pain. But we all still have those days where our legs ache, our breathing never really settles, and there’s an ominous rumbling in our gut. takes a look at the “why” of different types of discomfort running brings. I’ll take issue with the lactic acid explanation for the burning feeling in the muscles, but otherwise this is a quick and interesting read.

2. Running is good for your brain! I know I feel like running helps me think clearer, stay focused, and just usually be in an overall better mood, but a new study found evidence running can reduce Alzheimer’s risk.

3. Are you a GPS and Strava user? While I’m someone who runs with no watch at all most days, I definitely see the positive uses for all the tech and social sharing avenues out there. I even use a lot them with the athletes I coach. If you need help finding the right balance, here’s a solid look at the benefits and potential pitfalls that go with being able to track and share more info than ever before.

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