We Remember Joe Bell

by J.T. Service, 408k Race Founder, @soulfocussports
Last night we learned of Joe Bell’s passing. Mr. Bell made an impression on us all last year. Our thoughts and well wishes are with Mr. Bell, his family, and friends. We are forever grateful and thankful. In light of this, we’re publishing a blog post from J.T. Service written after last year’s San Jose 408k where Mr. Bell forever made his mark on the event and the people who were there.

The Sounds of San Jose

Before we jump into the Sounds of San Jose, let me tell you how the Mariachi Mile was started at the first annual San Jose 408k.  It was not developed after some 6-hour long focus group or part of some strategic marketing plan.  We were working our tail off to just produce the first 408k […]

San Jose 408k: Athleta Training Talk & Shopping Party

From 6pm to 8pm tonight join us at Athleta in Westfield Valley Fair for an evening of training information and running inspiration. We’re sponsoring an evening of presentations, advice and a bit of fun from some local running experts. This event is NOT just for the ladies.  The attendees will be sharing valuable information running and […]

Cukui & SJ 408k Collaboration

Happy NFC Championship Week 49er Fans! We are excited to celebrate the big victory with a BIG announcement regarding a new 408k collaboration. It even has a little San Francisco 49er tie-in, but first…some back story. When I was in high school one of my best childhood friends, Blake Dadson, (<- click to see some amazing […]

Beyond the Resolution and Towards a Revolution

JT’s Pre-Article Note: This is about to get weird. I have to get something off my chest and thus as usual I will impulsively insert some recent clarity of principles through out my entire business. Also note I am no expert on the following, but I am fired up. Plus, I have consistently used the word “we” in the following post because it makes it sound like “we” had a big meeting or a focus group or something organized on the subject. In truth I consider my internal team, all of our runners, and each of our partners as an integral part of this new mission; thus, the heavy use of the royal “we.” Lastly, I need to thank Barbara Kingsolver for all of her books, but especially for writing Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. Her name should be changed to QueenInspirer. Find her books and read them. You don’t know me Barbie, but here goes nothing.