Sugar High at Bay to Breakers

Bay to Breakers is one of the only races where it feels like Halloween in May. I say this because of all the different costumes you will encounter — that’s if you’re lucky to even see a costume. LOL! This year I decided to paint my hair green and become a coke can. I wanted to use a red dye but green stuck out more from the crowd.

It’s a real simple costume but got some funny reactions. I swear, every corner where there was a party, someone was mixing coke with an alcoholic beverage. Here were a few random encounters that I wished I caught on camera.

Around mile 1.5, someone said “Hey let me drink you.”

A few minutes later a random kid tells his mom “why does the coke have a green straw”. I was laughing when I heard that because it sounded really serious.

Another person had a diet coke costume but unfortunately that person was so far away. Whoever you are, I’d like to hear from you. Haha!

The best encounter that I had was someone coming up to me at the Hayes. I got bottlenecked on the way up because there were just too many people walking! But if it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t have this story to tell.

b2b recap 2

Here I am looking at houses to see what people were doing. A lot of them had the party outside of their home and dancing. Can I crash it next time? I walked past this house and some drunk guy comes up to me and says “hey wait up”. I looked back and said “yeah?”. He asks me if we could run into each other so he could “crush me”. I smile and agreed. So from shoulder to shoulder we ran into each other. Apparently, I didn’t realized how strong I was so he fell to the ground. His friends start laughing and picked him up. All of them gave a thumbs up! That is what you call a goPro moment that goes into some EPIC fail web site.

b2b recap 3

Overall, it was a great experience for all of the runners. I can’t wait for next year; I’m going to wear a “funner” costume. I will be reviewing other pictures so I can get an awesome idea on what I would like to be for 2016!

Hope to see everyone again!

b2b recap 4