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Participant Instructions

January 1 – May 2

There are two ways to log your daily 408 Challenge mileage and your virtual 408K, Shamrock Run or SV Half race:


  1. Get a verified result by connecting your device to PWR Lab, our Silicon Valley-based technology partner. Your activities will be automatically synced with our leaderboard. 
  2. Manually submit your activity from our interactive leaderboard.


👉 NOTE: You do not need a PWR Lab subscription to participate in the event, including previous free trials that have expired.

A) New to PWR Lab? Sign up here using the email address you used to register for the event and follow the guided steps to link your compatible device. Your new account & valid race results will automatically be linked to the Leaderboard!

Devices that sync 'running' activities to COROS, Garmin Connect, Suunto App, and Polar Flow are currently compatible. You can also record directly on your phone (for free) using Suunto App. (Suunto Movescount, Apple Watch, Fitbit, and Strava are not currently compatible)

B) Already have PWR Lab? If your account already exists with the email address you used when you registered for the San José Series then you're all set – you will automatically be added to the Leaderboard.

If your PWR Lab Training App account does not use the email you registered for the event then there's one additional step to get linked up.

All you need to submit manually is the following:



Once logged in, you'll click on "Submit Results" > "New Activity"


  • 408 Challenge Submission: fill in your day's activity and click submit.
  • 408K, Shamrock Run or SV Half Race Week: During your respective race week you will specifically choose a segment for your activity to be counted toward the race from the drop menu as follows:


💡 Your 408K, Shamrock Run 10K & 5K and SV Half Marathon & 5K submissions will also count toward your 408 Challenge mileage goal (unless you manually choose to exclude one). You can run as many races as you'd like during the Race Week window with your fastest appearing on the leaderboard.

Get ready for your respective Race Week by reviewing the course you'd like to run, plan your schedule, then run your race! Feel free to run it multiple times - only your fastest attempt will count.  


You may run your race anywhere you'd like! For those in San José we have suggested routes for each of the events that you can view here.


  • 408k Race to the Row (8K): Friday, Jan 29 - Sunday, Feb. 7 
  • San Jose Shamrock Run (10K or 5K): Friday, March 12 - Sunday, March 21 
  • Silicon Valley Half presented by Excite Credit Union (Half Marathon or 5K): Friday, April 23 - Sunday, May 2

  1. Record your run with a compatible GPS device (Suunto users must sync to Suunto App, not Movescount)
  2. Start recording a "running" activity at your start line and end the activity at the designated race distance or your finish line.
  3. Ensure you GPS lock at the start and end of the activity to ensure coordinates are captured
  4. Watch must record one continuous activity and must be the distance of the event. For instance, if you are running your 8K and your GPS captures a 10K, it will not count toward the 408K event itself, but it will count toward your overall mileage challenge. You'll need to run the minimum distance listed and no more than 5% longer than the distance listed (and who wants to run extra anyway, right)?
  5. Do not pause. Your total time between start line and finish line will be counted!

Pausing the watch does NOT stop the clock – you’re in a race!

Take advantage of having extra space & time to stay safe and optimize your race!

Standings on the Leaderboard will continue to unfold as more Individuals submit results. If you are participating in the 408 Challenge, every time you log approximately 14 miles, you'll unlock a new San Jose neighborhood and a digital badge.


For those taking part in one of the three race weeks, you are able to run your race as many times as you wish. We'll take your fastest time for the leaderboard.


Upon submitting your result you'll receive a finisher's email and also light up your event's finisher badge!


San José Series Neighborhood Badges

San José Series Event Completion Badges