2015 Off to A Running Start

The Bay Area is a great place to explore and stay active by running locally and taking advantage of the amazing trails and scenic routes which makes our region a runner’s paradise.  I was very excited when I got the invite to join the inaugural RUN LOCAL SOCIAL CLUB event: a run on Saturday January 3rd!

Why, you ask?

  1. The route was along the Embarcadero with the Bay Bridge as a backdrop (freaking awesome) and it took us down to AT&T Stadium, home of the SF Giants and 2014 World Series champs for a cool group photo!
  2. Free/no cost and a great networking opportunity with fellow running enthusiasts.
  3. Since I live in the South Bay, it allowed me the opportunity to share the great running venues in my area.
  4. Allowed me to have a greater appreciation for local homegrown race events and the need to support them. The RUN LOCAL SOCIAL CLUB is hosted by Represent Running, the event company behind locally themed running events such as: the San Jose 408, Let’s Go 510, and the Run the Bay race series.
  5. Great tunes along the run via a mobile jukebox!

I look forward to future outings and welcome the opportunity to host the group in the South Bay.  Big thanks to Represent Running, and Brian aka Pavement Runner for helping organize the event.

Join the RUN LOCAL SOCIAL CLUB on the first Saturday of every month.

Locations will vary each month, but will always be in the Bay Area. It could be running a few miles, or a yoga class, maybe a spin class, to anything that gets the running community in touch with the local scene.

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