Run Local Pod: Episode 1 – Why Run Local?

Our events have been canceled, schools are closing and we’ve stocked up on toilet paper. Seems like a great time to finally launch our Run Local® Pod! 

Show Notes

00:00: Introduction. Music by our Jose Pena (29min. 10K guy at San Jose State!) & our Mariachi bands during the Mariachi Mile at the 408k ‘Race to the Row’ brought to you by Amazon.

01:25: Why a Run Local Pod?

02:45: Run Local Vision:

5:05: JT & Josh’s first race and talk about the bygone days a little too long.

10:25: Inspiring others & Neeraj Mathur’s story:

15:45: Follow @RunLocalEvents

16:00: Evolving Run Local to a year-round experience

16:55: Behind the scenes at Run Local during COVID-19

19:55: Stay up-to-date with Run Local via email, social and related websites

21:00: Optimism, the opportunity of reinvention and resiliency

25:20: Run Local community – let us know what you’re doing to build resiliency in your own way. Comment on social or email [email protected]. Building a Spotify community playlist:

28:00: How is Josh running so fast still?

32:15: NCAA athletes and coping with canceled championships. Are there underground events JT & Josh can watch?

37:20: Hey guys, you’re still recording. What’s this podcast going to be all about?