Run Local Notebook No. 1: #RUNLOCALSTORIES

Welcome to Run Local’s Notebook series, where we’ll send you the best of the best, or at least what we think is the best (hint, it’s the best) in our community. We’ll have an emphasis on running because putting one foot in front of the other is what we do best, but that’s not all we do.

Our community is going through a lot right now and we’ll come out of it stronger, but these are unprecedented times. Our events represent a community celebration, a finish line goal met by you or just a fun diversion with friends and family as you experience your town in new, closed streets, type of way. And while that has been taken away from us, there are other ways we can build personal and community resiliency.

That’s what we want do with this Notebook No. 1 #RUNLOCALSTORIES edition. We want to provide you a virtual way to celebrate and support our community, find new finish line goals and even create diversions with your friends and family to get you through this. Below is a not so comprehensive list of some things to consider to get you through these challenging times.

Most importantly share your story with us @runlocalevents over on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook with #RUNLOCALSTORIES. 


Without our usual outlet of running, we know many of you are finding novel ways to stay resilient, both physically and mentally.

For instance, and stay with us here, Run Local Founder, J.T. Service, came up with this “genius” idea to store your beverage of choice in a totally custom “hot box,” perfect for lounging on the couch or in bed. It’s taking over America. Amazing. Bored at home and want to create your own? Check out J.T.’s How-To video on IG. 

This is what #RUNLOCALSTORIES is all about. When we’re back to running with each other, it can be about running, but it’s much more than that. It’s about your creativity at home, your passions at work and what motivates you every morning to wake up with passion. We look forward to seeing your stories!

We’ve also launched our Run Local Pod where we’ll be sharing #RUNLOCALSTORIES. Check out Episode 1 now and stay tuned for more!

We also have a photo contest for our Shamrock Virtual Runners! Shamrock Run swag is getting put in the mail now and we’re giving away a 2021 Run Local season pass, and 2021 Shamrock Run entries. Share your Shamrock Run swag photos creating your very own Hot Box, in-home workout or a safe stroll through your neighborhood (please abide by all City & County restrictions – let’s bite COVID-19 in the butt and then all get together again to celebrate).

Use hashtag #SJSHAMROCKRUN on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to enter.


We’re going to be launching crowdsourced Spotify playlists and we want to hear from you. What are you listening to? What motivates you? Send us a message or share your playlists using #RUNLOCALSTORIES on social. 

To get you started enjoy our 90s & 00s Groove Event Sounds on Spotify.

Home Exercise Apps

OK enough about us already. What do you do at home when all you want to do is go outside and run or walk in the fresh air? There’s lots you can do actually and after a couple of sessions you’ll be addicted to the feeling just the same. Here’s a couple of staff favorites.

  • Yoga with Adrian (YouTube) – J.T. loves this app to work through his running injuries and to stay mindful about his body.
  • Fit On – Angela, our Ops Director, uses this as a go-to because it’s FREE.
  • ZwiftPeloton – Have a treadmill or a bike trainer? These are an awesome way to get together virtually from right from your living room.

Mindfulness / Games Apps

We work odd hours, days and have to mitigate all types of crisis in the event industry, so we consider ourselves a bit of experts in the staying mindful arena. Our staff loves: 

  • Headspace – One of the leading meditation apps out there, this is a great way to help put you in the right frame of mind. A lot of our staff use this to kick off their day.
  • Calm – Another simple meditation app to bring some calm to a busy day.
  • Pzizz – David, our Marketing Director, uses this app to help take a short 20min nap.
  • Peak – Adam, our Brand Manager, also trains his brain using this app.
  • TED Talks – One of the largest repository’s of knowledge and inspiration online.