Official, Non-Official Boston Marathon Recap

Well if you write the self-proclaimed “Official, Non-Official Boston Marathon Preview” then you should probably produce an “Official, Non-Official Boston Marathon Recap.”

In a sentence: the races were superb. If you took one thing away from the 2015 Boston Marathon it’s that everyone came to race, fight and battle to the line. The paces were honest, but Boston is all about the racing.

The weather was pretty shitty—windy and scattered showers, but just frigid. That sets your stage.

Fast forward to the women’s moves and eventual moneymakers. Huge group through something like 20 Miles. I can’t really recall when it all broke up, but they were together rolling in a gaggle for a while. Shalane, aka the great blond hope, was all up in the mix. I thought she looked really smart staying out of the lead, tucking in on a windy day. I also liked her outfit. She looked good last year, but looked even cooler this year. No it’s not a fashion show, but if you’re going to train for six-months for one race then why not plan a great outfit. Shalane gets it.

Even more in the mix was Desi Linden. Desi don’t care about her outfits and was focused on keeping the pace legit. I was watching the race with Brett Gotcher and he thinks Desi knew she could run 2:24 today. So it seemed that she was going to keep that pack clipping 5:25s-5:30s. Three runners got away from her, but Desi is so damn tough that she held on for 4th place and the Top American finisher of the day. Desi is back and that 2016 Olympic Trials race just got interesting again. Note potential theme.

Your top three runners consisted of 3rd Place Deba of Ethiopia, Dibaba of Ethiopia, and Caroline Rotich wins the 119th Annual Boston Marathon. Dibaba and Rotich went to the line. There is nothing better than a sprint finish after 26.2 miles. Well nothing better for the fan that has been standing in 40 degree weather which felt like 10. Rotich put her away with 100m to go and won $100,000. Life changing stuff. I recommend watching the last mile on some interweb recap or something.

For the men I want to cover it in a more freehand style because it’s Patriots Day in Boston and those 26.2 brews aren’t going to drink themselves.

Men’s Start

    • Some token joker from the first corral sprinted to the lead like running Elvis at San Diego Rock N Roll marathon. He led for a mile before the lactic acid gladly took over. Why does that always happen? Do you get double dared by your running club to ruin the first mile? Let’s just stop it, k guys, knock it off.
    • Ritz, (remember that name), Meb, Tegenkamp and Arciniaga all stayed in the lead pack through 15k. It was a full pack of about 15, but exciting to see some Americans going for it again.
    • The pace was honest. Like 4:50s. 2:08 pace.
    • Then a whole bunch of things happened that I can’t really remember because I was worried about Nick Arciniaga falling off the pack. Kind of blacked out for a bit.
    • Ritz fell off the pack. Meb stayed in.
    • Then all of a sudden Ritz reeled everyone back in and took the lead. It looked like 2:07 Ritz all over again. Confident, beautiful and you always know that tough as nails piece is in there. It was really beautiful to see him and Meb leading side by side.
    • Then it ended around 22 Miles. Again I don’t really know because I was trying to make the app update. Stupid App. Then it updated and I was like this app is alright.
    • Tsegay and Lelisa reminded us why they are two of the best marathoners in the world.
    • Tsegay was like “I’m going to try to win with 2k to go.”
    • Lelisa was like “Naw.”
    • Then Lelisa Desisa won the 2015 Boston Marathon and he got to put his John Hancock on the line for $200k from John Hancock

For me the big take away is that if Ritz can stay healthy for the next year it looks like there may only be two spots available on the Olympic team. If Meb continues to win his battle with Father Time then there may be only one spot left. If and buts were a can of nuts…then you know. Something.

What else happened at the Boston Marathon J.T.?

My boy Nick Arciniaga is a toughie; tried to go big and then never gave up. He’ll get there.

The expo was insane man. Like 15 lbs of something in a bag that can only hold 10. I lasted about 12 minutes, made some funny marathon signs that I eventually left in a bar 14 minutes after I left the expo.

I wish I could say the parties were incredibly epic. But they weren’t. Maybe they were epic for this industry or maybe I just wasn’t feeling the Post Office vibe. Lots of mail. (sp? On purpose dingo)

The Tracksmith pop-up shop was cool and inviting. Free Lagunitas, pricey clothes, but at least they have style. Good style.

Competitor and Tracy Sundland bought me a beer. Thank you. I wasn’t allowed to go to the Runners World party so I now I like Competitor better. I pick sides.

People that are cool: Chris the PR guy from NYRR. Loves talking about not running and it’s refreshing. Dylan Wykes is cool as shit. I love Canadiens. Coach Jerry Smith’s daughter is going to win this race someday and Flanagan’s husband can put away a lot of ice cream.

It was a super duper event.