Represent Running is pleased to announce the 2016 Represent Running Ambassadors. Thank you to everyone that applied. We are humbled and honored to have so many people interested in doing this crazy little thing we call running as an official member of the team.

We would first like to introduce a member from the 2015 team that will be joining us again, Christina. The rest of the team is featured below and we encourage you to hit that “follow” button on social several times.


No matter how many times you’ve done it before, there is always something magical about crossing a finish line. The only thing better than getting beautiful new bling draped around your neck? Having the rest of the Represent Running team cheering for you on as you do. (The post race beer comes in a close second.)

Last year, I was very fortunate to be a part of the diverse ambassador team. We had speed demons and novice runners, folks chasing down PRs and others striving to finish. We even had two pregnant runners — I was the slow one — and one runner who fought her way through a stroke to still complete events. (Nothing like a badass with a cane to make you feel like a slacker while running with a huge heavy “speed bump” attached to your body!)

Come the new year, I am elated to once again be a part of the growing team. While I no longer have a “speed bump,” I DO have a fresh fire lit under me as part of such a noteworthy crew. With a team that covers the US from Boston to the Bay, BQ worthy folks to those of us getting our groove back, I can’t help but feel like we are going to take on the run scene by storm — so join us, ‘cause we’re going to be blowing up your social media feeds anyways.

Cue ACDC and sing it with me: I’m BACK! I’m BACK in the saddle again… Bring on ALL the bling in 2016!

Register for the 408K in San Jose this March, or check out the 2016 Run The Bay Challenge (3 races, 4 medals).

The 2016 Represent Running Team

Represent Running
AJ Raabe
Allen Leibovitch
Arlynn Alberto
Ashley Sura
Bernadette Gomez
Bertrand Newson
Blake Dirickson
Brian Kelley
Charla McPherson
Christina Dunn
Dani Chalmers
Dani Holmes-Kirk
Elizabeth R. Bain
Emelia Cellura
Emmalouise Brown
Erin Mink Garvey
George Khem
Ivie Hasegawa
Jane Franklin
Jason Tolentino
Jessica Del Castillo
Karen Poole
Kimly Heng
Larissa Milano
Laura Moir
Loree Tabigne
Lynda Benson
Marie Alojado
Melissa Lopez
Molly T
Mollyn Ran
Morgan Jaldon
Samantha Manklang
Sharon Hanks
Theresa Winterhalter
Tiffany Chenoweth