Intersection of Physical and Financial Health

👉 Learn more about contributing writer and Run Local Ambassador, Neeraj Mathur, on Run Local Wednesday’s IGTV as well as his 2020 Run Local article titled “Get Out. Get Going“. Neeraj is the founder/CEO of an early-stage fintech stealth startup helping people save and manage their healthcare expenses. Before this, Neeraj was the VP of Products at ForUsAll; a 401k focused fintech company.

You decide to lace up your shoes and take your first couple of steps out the door. It could be your first run as part of a long-term goal to lead a healthier life or just a new athletic pursuit. Maybe this is your 5,432nd run, but it feels just as exhilarating as your first. 

Running can provide focus and a host of health benefits, which has been written about over and over again. For many, it will also benefit other areas of your life, for instance, financial health. In partnership with Silicon Valley Half Marathon presenting sponsor Excite Credit Union, we’re highlighting America Saves Week to provide you with some quick tips on how getting out the door might be more connected to your financial health than you imagined.

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Save Automatically – The easiest way to save? Automatically! It doesn’t matter how much or what you’re saving for; when you make the smart decision to have a portion of your income automatically deposited into a savings account, you have increased your chance for success. 

Add your runs to your calendar. Make it an automatic activity to look forward to during your week.

Save for the Unexpected – The past year has taught us that we have to be as prepared as possible for the unexpected. While we all have future savings goals, having an emergency fund to support present unaccounted needs, like a car breakdown, dental bill, or even a last-minute fun treat, should be a top priority.

In training for any event and/or goal unexpected things happen, such as work trips or even getting injured. Do the little things. Stretch, work out your core, adapt to your surroundings, and be flexible when you need to be.

Save to Retire – It’s never too soon to prepare for retirement. The earlier you start to prepare, the easier it is to save. We know that very few Americans have a plan for retirement savings that will cover their desired lifestyle.

They say the most challenging part of running a race is getting to the start line. But you also need to visualize what your finish line is like so you can enjoy the process. Accomplishing your goal then becomes a mere formality.

Save by Reducing Debt – It’s time that we recognize that by paying down their debt, Americans ARE saving! Actively reducing your debt means you’re saving on interest, avoiding late fees, and maintaining or increasing your credit score. 

Minimize injury risk through cross-training, stretching, yoga, and a host of other activities to strengthen your running muscles. Sign-up for a service such as PWR Lab, which actively informs you when you may be at risk for under or over-training.

Save as a Family – How much better would Americans be with money if we were intentional about teaching good money and savings habits at a young age? 

Run with your family. Create lifelong healthy habits through play by getting your kids out the door. Broaden the definition of your ‘family’ by joining a run club or training group.