California Coast 500

Run the One

May 31 – September 6, 2021

Mini Challenges & Teams

Below you’ll find all the data related to our weekly Mini Challenges as well as a Team Leaderboard. Data is typically refreshed after midnight PT and if you have completed the 500 mile journey you are eligible for all future mini challenges.

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Learn more about our trio of pro runners and how you can win shoes and swag!

Mini Challenges

The Sag Wagon, commonly used in long endurance events, supports the athlete with everything they need physically, but perhaps most importantly, emotionally. You all have rocked the California Coast 500 and in this final week, we are all your virtual Sag Wagon. Let’s send the love to those en route to hitting 100, 250, 400 or the 500 mile milestones. You got this!

Here is what’s up for grabs for anyone who has hit or will hit a milestone by the end of the California Coast 500, Sunday, September 13 @ 11:59pm PT.

Two (2) Prize Packages

  • HOKA Shoes
  • HOKA Apparel
  • Vooray Bag
  • BU Sunscreen

3 Prize Packages

  • HOKA Shoes
  • HOKA Apparel

We’re getting a bit nostalgic here, but in the ‘ol college workout days, there was a saying we’d mention in order to stay present and to not get ahead of ourselves thinking of that last awesome interval. It was simple – “Let’s go! It’s the last one before the last one!

We’re bringing that to you this week, the last week before the last week, challenging you to match or better your best week of the summer!

Two (2) winners will take home a HOKA ONE ONE and BÜ Sunscreen prize package including:

  • HOKA ONE ONE Shoes
  • HOKA ONE ONE Apparel
  • BÜ Sunscreen products

Let’s go! You got this!

August 24 – August 30: Hustle to the Finish presented by Hustle Clean

You’re sweaty, maybe a bit grimy from the summer miles and to help you out we’ve partnered with Hustle Clean, a mission-driven, community-oriented business founded by former Cal Bear football players Justin Forsett and Wale Forrester, providing a new era of active care.

For Week 12 log a minimum of three (3) activities to help you Hustle to the Finish and be in the running to win prizes that’ll keep you feeling like you just stepped out of the shower post-workout:

  •  Hustle Clean Face Mask
  •  Hustle Clean T-Shirt
  •  One (1) Box of Hustle Clean Body Wipes
  •  One (1) Pack of Hustle Clean Face Wipes

And we want to see your sweat! Share your grimiest photos with #CaliforniaCoast500 #HustleClean, follow @HustleClean on your favorite social platform, and join their email list to be the first to find out about deals, new products, and behind the scene details.


At the intersection of hustle and hygiene, we want to celebrate your hustle. We know your hustle doesn’t stop, so we won’t stop. Learn more about the communities and initiatives we serve.

August 17 – August 23: Team No Kid Hungry

This week, we’re saying THANK YOU and we’re also asking to help us raise more to help support the 47% of American families that are living with hunger.

We’re challenging you to donate or raise a minimum of $47 through your donation page. Anyone who has already met this goal or does so by Sunday, August 23 @ 11:59pm PT will be in the running to win one (1) grand prize:

  • Pair of HOKA ONE ONE shoes
  • California Coast 500 Zip-Up
  • California Coast Hat
  • Run Local Sticker

And three (3) additional participants will win:

  • California Coast Hat
  • Run Local Sticker
August 10 – August 16: Your Best Day presented by HOKA ONE ONE & Vooray

A reprise of our Best Day Yet challenge from Week 3 – you’re 10 Weeks in and now is the time to get fired up for your homestretch!

Record your highest mileage day of the challenge this week for a chance at winning a pair of HOKAs as well as a Vooray bag!

August 10 – August 16: Sunset Challenge presented by HOKA ONE ONE

In Week 5 we challenged you to be an early bird and get a run in before 8am. We’re now flipping that for all those that love their late afternoon or evening run.

Log an activity this week after 5pm (and before midnight) to be eligible to win a pair of HOKAs and HOKA apparel!

August 3 – August 9: 50 Miles for $50 presented by Running Warehouse

Thanks to San Luis Obispo’s Running Warehouse you’ll have a chance at winning a $50 gift certificate if you log 50 miles during Week 9 of the California Coast 500.

Learn more about Running Warehouse and CEO Joe Rubio on the Morro Bay Tour Guide.

You may need new gear, nutrition, or other running items as you move through your miles. Running Warehouse has you covered with a wide selection of the best running gear available. Fast, free shipping & Easy, free returns allow you to focus on your run. Shop today at runningwarehouse.com.

July 27 – August 2: Big Sur 5 Miles x 3 Days Challenge

It’s Big Sur Week here at the California Coast 500 and we’re challenging you to log a minimum of 5 miles (approx. 10,000 steps), 3 times this week for a chance at winning a BIG bundle:

Why 5 x 3? The Challenge Digital Badge will pay homage to Cone Peak, which at 5,155 ft (1,571m) and situated only 3 miles (4.8km) from the ocean, is the tallest coastal mountain in the lower 48 states. 

July 20 – July 26: HOKA ONE ONE Chase Pack Kick-off Week

We will be giving away one (1) pair of HOKA shoes daily to participants who have logged miles that day*.

You’ll not only be adding some distance between yourself and the chase pack, but with each day that you log some distance, you’ll have a chance to win a pair of fresh kicks!

*Raffle winners will be drawn each morning to determine the previous day’s winner, and will be contacted individually via email. Limit one (1) prize per participant this week. Activities must by logged by 11:59pm PDT daily to be eligible.

* Due to the outage Garmin is experiencing we placed anyone who logged an activity thus far in Week 7 into the Thurs – Sun raffles.
July 13 – July 19: Your Best Week presented by BU Sunscreen & Vooray

This one is as straight forward as it sounds. Have your best week in total miles this week and be entered to win one (1) special prize package thanks to BÜ Sunscreen & Vooray

Get BÜ Sunscreen, save 10% and receive free shipping with discount code “RUNLOCAL10” at checkout!

July 15 & July 16: Power Hour presented by HOKA ONE ONE

Log 60 minutes worth of running or walking on either Wednesday, July 15 or Thursday, July 16 to be in the running to win one (1) HOKA ONE ONE shoe & apparel package!

Lace ’em up and let’s go!

July 10 – July 12: Beach Day with HOKA ONE ONE and BU Sunscreen

This week, we’re celebrating summer by showing some appreciation for our California beaches and our overall love for the sun, sand, and surf. Join us, HOKA ONE ONE, and BÜ Sunscreen by getting active and sharing a beach-inspired photo or video.

The Challenge: 

  1. Share a beach-inspired photo or video on Instagram or Facebook. Get creative! If you don’t live near a beach or don’t have access to one right now, snap a pic and share with us your favorite “must-have” beach day essentials, an old photo of you at your favorite spot, or anything else you can think of that’s Beach Day related.
  2. Tag @runlocalevents @hokaoneone and @busunscreen and use the hashtag #californiacoast500
  3. Don’t do social? Upload an image below:

The Reward:
One lucky winner will earn a free beach day kit including:

  • One (1) pair of HOKA ONE ONE recovery sandals or slides
  • One (1) bottle of BÜ Sunscreen
  • One (1) RunLocal tank top or tee
  • One (1) RunLocal tote bag

Get BÜ Sunscreen, save 10% and receive free shipping with discount code “RUNLOCAL10” at checkout!

July 7 & July 8: Early Bird Challenge Presented by Vooray

Log a run prior to 8:00am on Tuesday, July 7 or Wednesday, July 8 to be in the running to win a VOORAY Burner Duffle Bag + Run Local Gear!

Vooray believes in pushing one’s self to be a little stronger, run a little farther, and feel a little better with each day we’re given. Vooray designs premium athletic bags and accessories for the gym and beyond. No matter what your day demands of you, Vooray will be there to carry your essentials every step of the way…and ensure you look amazing from start to finish.

June 30 – July 5: 24 Miles with MUIR Energy
MUIR Energy is here to motivate you and help you go further consistently, whether you’re out on a long run, walk or hike. Their all-natural simple-ingredient recipes promote a healthy body and sustained energy for mileage junkies and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Bring on the adventure by participating in our weekly challenge with MUIR Energy.

  • The Challenge: Log 24 total miles this week from Monday 6/29 to Sunday 7/5.
  • The Prize: Participants who complete this challenge will be eligible to win a nutrition pack from MUIR Energy including a 24-pack of gels and hydration sampler.
  • Pro Tip: Remember that miles logged can include running, walking or hiking. Check out our FAQs here on how to rack up your miles most efficiently to complete this challenge!

Get MUIR Energy:
Save 15% off your order over $25 with code CALI500 between June 29 and July 5. Visit muirenergy.com.

List of participants logging a minimum of 24 miles in Week 4.

4th of July THANK YOU

What a ride this has been since we launched four weeks ago! As we take a moment to relax this 4th of July weekend we wanted to say THANK YOU. We encourage you to run or walk a minimum of 4 miles today, but we’re also making everyone who has logged one activity since June 8 eligible for a HOKA ONE ONE + Run Local Swag Package!

World Beer Mile Classic: Appropriately following the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest on the 4th, Run Local is also producing the Beer Mile World Classic at 10am PT over on Letsrun.com

June 27 & 28: Your Best Day Yet presented by VOORAY
Vooray believes in pushing one’s self to be a little stronger, run a little farther, and feel a little better with each day we’re given. Join us this weekend as we exemplify this mindset through our ‘Best Day Yet’ Challenge, and visit Vooray.com and use the code “BESTDAYYET” at checkout before 7/10 to take $10 off any purchase of $40 or more*.

  • The Challenge: Record your highest mileage day so far on either Saturday 6/27 or Sunday 6/28
  • The Prize: Entry into a raffle for a free VOORAY Burner Duffle Bag + Run Local Gear
  • Pro tip: Remember, miles can come in the form of run and/or walking, so use this to your advantage to hit your highest mileage so far!

About Vooray:
Vooray designs premium athletic bags and accessories for the gym and beyond. No matter what your day demands of you, Vooray will be there to carry your essentials every step of the way…and ensure you look amazing from start to finish.

*”BESTDAYYET” promo code expires on Friday, July 10. Limit one use per customer.

June 22 – 25: 8 for 8
Run or walk a minimum of 8 Miles between June 22 and June 25 (2 Miles p/day avg.) in reflection of lives lost to racial injustice. Additionally, we encourage you to donate $8 to Campaign Zero’s #8CantWait initiative and share not only your mini-challenge badge but your personal fundraising page so that your peers have the opportunity to make an $8 donation to the initiative as well.

All who log 8 cumulative miles during this 4-day mini-challenge will be entered to win one (1) pair of HOKA ONE ONE shoes and a Run Local swag pack.

Below is the list of cumulative miles run and walked during the 8 for 8 challenge.

June 20: Summer Solstice Challenge presented by BU Sunscreen
It’s officially summer, and on the longest day of the year, we want to challenge you to use up every ounce of daylight that you can. You’ve got 24 hours and the MOST sunlight you’ll have all year to ramp up your mileage and get ahead of your goal(s) in this challenge, so use them wisely!


The Challenge
Log two (2) runs or walks, tomorrow, Saturday, June 20 between 12:00am and 11:59pm PT to be eligible to win.


The Reward
One participant meeting the challenge criteria will win our Summer Readiness prize pack consisting of BU Sunscreen and a California Coast 500 “June Gloom” Hoodie.


BU Sunscreen is your new go-to active sunscreen, coming at you from beautiful MaliBU, California. BU’s clear spray with UVA/UVB Protection lets your skin breathe, won’t block pores and is water resistant for 80 minutes. Sunscreen should feel as good as it is effective, which is why it’s BU’s mission to develop safe and effective products you’ll love wearing everyday by ensuring products are spray-on clear, oil & alcohol free, 100% transparently tested and sourced, and fully sustainable and recyclable.


Learn more about BU Sunscreen HERE, and use the code RUNLOCAL10 at checkout to save.

June 15 – 21: Three in a Row
We’re pushing consistency one more week to get you set up for success this summer. Log three activities, for three consecutive days between Monday, June 15 and Father’s Day, Sunday, June 21 at 11:59pm PT to be in the running to win one (1) pair of HOKA ONE ONE shoes awarded at random. 

On the One: You’ve lined up for your first day of your journey and you want to share it with the world. Download the On the One badge to celebrate. 

3 in a Week: Log 3 activities in one week to earn this badge. During week one of the California Coast 500 anyone who accomplishes this will be placed in a random drawing to earn a pair of HOKA ONE ONE shoes.

Below is a list of those who have logged 3 activities between Monday, June 8 and Sunday, June 14 and eligible for the weekly prize. Last Updated time is in PDT.

Team Leaderboard

Below are the Top 50 teams sorted by mileage, which we’ll be updating this leaderboard a few times a week. There are no team awards and this is just to have a bit more fun during the summer.