California Coast 500

Run the One

June 8 – September 7

Manual Upload

After you’ve registered for the California Coast 500, please allow 2 hours before your submitting your first activity. This is a one time delay to make sure you’re all linked up to the leaderboard. It’s a great time to go for your first run or walk! After this one time gap your submitted entry should appear on the leaderboard within a few minutes. If after 24 hours you’re still not seeing your activity please email [email protected]

How to Use the Form

  • Add your day’s activity using the form below. Runs, walks, hikes and even converted steps are welcome (5,000 steps roughly equal 3 miles – unofficial calculator here).
  • Please use the same email address you used in registration even if multiple people are using the same email address. We will verify your entry via that email and then your Bib # will serve as the unique identifier.

Need to find your BIB #? You can look it up here.

Looking to sync your Device? Click here.



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