Represent Running is a series of fun-focused and locally themed running events. On the surface they are simply well branded races with a cute connection to area codes. But man-o-man…they are so much more. Represent Running is about local people really loving where they live and what they do. It’s about being proud of your town and proud of the unique culture within it.  Represent Running events highlight those special local elements. We shut down Main Street, create a big party, turn down the intimidation factor, and invite all the neighbors.  Yes, even Mrs. Crazy pants on the corner.

With great respect for regional roots we partner with top local event producers, a truly local charity, local vendors and an engagement with local sponsors. More than anything we produce events for the locals, while encouraging a few outsiders to run and enjoy new locations.

In the end, Represent Running is about representing your town, your best self, a great cause, and just having a good time.