Coach B’s G.A.P. Steps for New Year’s Running Success

You’ve committed to running in 2021 and now it’s time to start your running program. Run Local Wednesday IGTV host, J.T. Service, is joined by none other than Too Legit Fitness and RaceMob co-founder, Coach Bertrand Newson, to discuss his G.A.P. steps for running success (well, any success really). Watch below ? or click here to watch on Instagram.

Close your GAP – We must know where we are going if we want to arrive at the right fitness destination!

1️⃣ G = Identify your GOALS (where you want to go). By distance, time, weight, goals race i.e. And J.T. goes on the record for the first time with the goal of obtaining USATF Pacific Association Cross Country Masters glory

2️⃣ A = Assess (where are you currently). Be honest with yourself on where you’re at: scale weight, 1mi time, 5K, 10K, body fat %, BMI, daily water intake, consistency of diet as examples. Write your current fitness level down on paper.

3️⃣ P = Plan (roadmap and critical component to success). Map out on a calendar short term (monthly/quarterly) and long term YE (yearend) goals.  A very helpful tool is to write down side-by-side current assessment vs goals (weight, 400M/1 lap, 1 mile, 5K, 10K) and assign timeframes i.e. monthly, quarterly, race date(s) mid-year, year-end.  Perhaps the goal is BQ (Boston Qualify), complete your first triathlon, PR any of the Run Local events etc.

How?  Support of a fitness community/team! Run Local, Too Legit Community, Race Mob Community, Bay Area Run Club, Running Lushes, etc. You can also hire/consult a Running Coach!

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